Project Description

Animals LED Neon sign

Matt can custom any kinds of Animals shape LED Neon signs,Animals Neon sign is made by super mini LED Neon Flex,It is use glue to stick on the acrylic sheet,it is work with safety DC12V LED adapter.

Animals Neon signs widely use for Kids’ room decoration.

We have 18 colors for LED Neon signs,Milk white jacket have 11 colors Red,Green,Blue,Ice Blue,Orange,Yellow,Lemon Yellow,Hot pink, Pink Purple,White,warm white

Color jacket have Red,Green,Blue,Yellow,Orange,Lemon Yellow,Pink


1.Product Name

LED  neon Sign

2. Dimensions (W x H)

Customized as per your request

3. LED Neon Flex jacket

Milky white jacket or Colored jacket

4. LED neon flex colored jacket

 Red, Blue, Green, yellow, Orange,Pink,Lemon Yellow

5. LED Neon Flex Size

Mini size 8mm / 11.5mm wide x  18mm high

6. LED Colors

 Red, Blue, Green, yellow, Orange, white, warm white, pink, lemon

7.  Backboards

Acrylic plate;  Aluminium sandwich plate ; Wooden plate

8. Acrylic board color

Transparent / black / colored

9. Backboard shape

Square board ;  Board cutted to form letter  ;  Board cutted to form shape

10. LED Power Adapter

Standard 230v or 110v LED power adapter

11. AC Powe Plug

EU / UK / AU / US Plug

12. Transparent cable

Approx. 2m long (from LED sign)

13.AC Power Cord

Approx. 1.5m long ( from transformer)

14. Installation methods

Mounting (on wall ) or Hanging by ropes ( on ceiling )

Color chart