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    Why use LED? 

    Long life, Depending on the type, typical life for an led can be 50,000 hours to 100,000 hours continuous operation; Led are solid state devices which have no filaments or glass tubes to break, Reduction of maintenance costs; Decrease of electric costs by up to 90%, guaranteed energy savings and save money; Low heat generation; Variety of colors available; Wide range of voltage applications.
     Future of LED
    In the coming years, the light output of Leds will continue to increase, enabling mass-market general lighting applications from approx 2010 onwards. The first effective general Led solutions to replace incandescents will appear on the market over the next two to three years, but initially they will be relatively expensive.





    Indoor illumination:
    living room, franchise house, 
    arcade shop, premises,
    recreation spot, saloon, show 
    house theatre, office, coffee
    house,exhibition hall ......


                   Outdoor building or
                    landscape illumination:
                    street lighting,plaza  lighting,
                    landscape,scenery spot,
                    swimming pond, Building,
                    garden,outdoor advertising…
    General lighting:
    Business Center etc.
    commercial establishments
    had begun to adopt LED
    lighting, but because of
    technical and price,the
    civilian market development
    will be some time.
                   Automotive lamp: 
                   LEDs are already changing     the look and performance of                         
                   automotive lighting 
                   applications.From head lamps
                   to signals,rake lamps,daytime
                   running lamps they're all using
                   LEDs today.                                                                 



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